Issa kort  , Palestine

Lana kort

" i decided to cut my vacation short and go back to the USA, where i can live freely and be treated like a human."

    one day on my summer vacation, after spending a whole year studying in the U.S.A., i was walking with a friend of mine in a nice warm afternoon. the day was going normally and i was telling the experiences i had in the U.S.A.

     while we were walking, a big green jeep full of Isreali soldiers pulled up in the front of us. they suddenly jumped out of the jeep with anger holding their M-16 rifles. they pushed me and my friend against the wall with force. i tried to ask why they were doing that, but one of them slapped me across the face. they asked me for my id, but i showed them my passport instead, which had the U.S. visa explaining that i was visiting the country.They didn't seem to care.instead, they pushed my friend and i inside the jeep and drove away.

    The next thing i knew they were taking us to jail. some other people had been in the jeep as well. i felt so confused why that had happend to me. Someone told me there weresome kids throwing rocks at the soldiers two miles from where i was. We were getting closer and closer to the jail area and my heart started beating really hard, so bad that i felt as if it would stop.

     the jeep pulled inside the tall solid iron gate, to an area surrounded with fifteen feet tall brick walls. they let us out of the jeep, hitting us with the edge of the rifle, while slapping us they pushed us into a room, which is 10x10 feet. to my surprise there were about fifty captives in there. We were sitting on the dirty floor. after pushing us in, they slammed the door and everything turned to darkness.

   that night was the longest night of my life. I wasn't able to sleep and everybody around me was mumbling. I felt like the oxygen was getting less and less inside the room.I felt like i was going to suffocate.

     The next morning, they called my name and dragged me into a sargents office. He treated me with respect tellimg me that it was a mistake arresting me, since i was a visitor to the country.They let me go that day where i met my worried mom outside the jail gate. She took me home to rest.

   One week later i decided to cut short my vacation and go to the U.S.A, where i can live freely and be treated like a human.